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Australia Is Having A Plebiscite On Gay Marriage -- Heres

Advocates for gay marriage see a plebiscite as a muddling, disgruntling affair. It will agitate the prejudiced, stimulate the bigots, and tease the tax payer’s purse strings. And for what? Those against same-sex marriage are not necessarily going to vote for a …

The Australian Gay Marriage Plebiscite: When Too Much August 10, 2017 8:48am. The ABS will be running the postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Source:Supplied. WHEN Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced on …

Gay Plebiscites: Australia’s Crisis on Same-Sex Marriage

A PLEBISCITE on marriage equality is not only a massive waste of taxpayer money but is helping perpetuate a wave of hate against gay, lesbian and transgender people. That’s the view of marriage equality advocate Professor Kerryn Phelps who warned all this talk of a plebiscite is causing unnecessary mental distress for the LGBT community.

Gay marriage Australian plebiscite to be run by ABS, AEC

I oppose gay marriage (and no, Im not a bigot) Labor is holding off on a final decision but has been raising serious concerns about a plebiscite through the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and

Explained: The same-sex marriage plebiscite - ABC News

The Campaign Director of Australian Marriage Equality, Tiernan Brady, also said a possible parliamentary stalemate on marriage equality, which could delay giving gay couples the green light to wed for at least three years, would be a “betrayal” of LGBTI …

Australian opposition sinks controversial gay marriage

Australia doesn’t yet have gay marriage. Yes, we are backward. We on the correct side of the debate here call it “marriage equality,” rather than “gay marriage,” to underscore that it is a human

Gay marriage: Plebiscite to cost $525m, will ‘expose

plebiscite australia gay marriage M ost gay rights advocates fear that an aggressive scare campaign could result in the plebiscite failing, putting same-sex marriage off the national agenda for decades. Some conservative lawmakers

Gay marriage in Australia: Plebiscite postal vote had huge

plebiscite australia gay marriage On 14 September 2016, Prime Minister Turnbull introduced into the House the Plebiscite (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill 2016, the bill to create the plebiscite. Under the provisions of the legislation, Australian voters would be required to write either "yes" or "no" in answer to the question "Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?"